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Lana - 2013 Dodge Challenger

08/16/22-I purchased a Dodge Challenger from Comodo Motors and I love the car! Joey was great to deal with and made the experience pleasant and the transaction easy.

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Toni - 2014 Ford Focus

08/16/22-Great experience at Comodo with Enzo! Very easy to work with and friendly. Very confident that we bought our daughter a safe and reliable 1st vehicle!

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Alex - 2018 Ford F250

08/15/22-Always great service! We have purchased our 3rd vehicle with Comodo Motors and we are always treated with great respect. We needed to upgrade to a larger truck to pull a fifth wheel. sad to see our Silverado go, but excited about the F250! The whole team is very professional and personable. They do not push you into anything and give you room to make your own decisions. I highly recommend this dealership!

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Rog - 2013 Ram 1500

08/14/22-First, I know its a buyer beware market. I know that and get that. But as a customer. Many of us don’t have a facilities nor is it feasible for us to take it to a mechanic for immediate review by an expert. We are forced to take the word of a dealer. Its time we stand together and put these bad dealers out of business. As customers , if we are to pay gouged high prices, we demand top quality.
In my opinion, Comodo Motors is one of the worst places to go for quality vehicles. My sales person was named Enzo Ubaldo. There is a reason their products are "as is". They sell poor condition products at Mint condition prices. After I purchased my 2013 Dodge Ram in July, I discovered the title was from Canada. This tells me the vehicle was wrecked and Title was washed and sent to the USA. some of the things I found once I got the vehicle home was a misaligned fender, blown blinkers, pushed in rear bumper. Personal information on the infotainment center. The truck was miss represented a as a “Big Horn”. Instead it is merely an SLT. I also gleamed personal information from previous owner from the Infotainment center. Cheap paint was used to cover up Rust spots and rust on the under body. In the sunlight some of these damages can be hard to find or see.
All of this tells me Comodo Mortors did not inspect this vehicle as they should have. Comodo Motors has no facilities for customers to thoroughly review these vehicles. As a customer it is next to impossible to lay on their hot parking lot to look at the under bodies, check suspension. As a result, customers are forced to take Comodo's word as to the quality of the vehicles.
In my opinion Comodo motors is not a quality dealer. I do not recommend this place, there prices are way too high for the real value for the vehicles they sell. I will not be returning their nor do I recommend anyone looking for a new vehicle to go there. You will not get your money's worth. As for the Vehicle I bought I have a long list of things to fix, I have been knocking it out each week in order to get the extended use I will need to get to cover the gouged price I was charged.

Response from Owner...We are astounded by this review! We have hundreds of 5 star reviews for a reason. Selling wrecked, title washed vehicles? Misrepresenting trim packages and price gouging our community? I don’t think so! Being a small local business we have to earn our customers and respect each and every day. Occasionally a customer leaves us a 1 star review because they are confused about how vehicles work. They also choose to buy a 9 year old truck with 115,000 and have the expectation of a brand new vehicle that has never been driven before with zero miles. It is extremely common for a 9 year old vehicle to have cosmetic flaws and we are very open about that. In fact we highlight the flaws in our youtube videos. We had 11 other Ram 1500 trucks available when you chose your specific truck. Many options to choose from. This review sounds like we forced you to buy it, which is a tad absurd. Unfortunately for the last 2 years all Americans have been paying a higher price for everything from groceries to homes to gas to used cars. Our vehicles are all priced based on current market conditions that we do not control…and that is certainly not gouging! I personally spoke with you in the showroom the other day and you never said a word about any of these concerns. I also just called you and left you a voicemail about talking through your concerns. After reading your review several times, because I am rather flabbergasted about it, I went ahead and clicked on your profile to read your other reviews. Interestingly enough there seems to be a trend here. They are all about car dealerships. It appears that you have a reoccurring problem with your vehicles and it is always the car dealers fault.
Here are some facts about the horrific statements you made: This is a 9 year old truck with 115,000 miles. It is USED. It is going to have cosmetic flaws. Every customer has time to inspect all vehicles prior to purchasing and are encouraged to have a mechanic inspect it as well.
As far as the title goes, the statement you made about a wreck and having the title washed is completely FALSE. The Carfax is clean, absolutely no accidents or title issues.
As far as your trim package concern, it is an SLT with the Big Horn package, so again you are just confused and your statement is FALSE. It is a true Ram Big Horn.
As far as the blinkers go, were they not working right away or is that something that developed after you had it? Again, we spoke a couple of days ago in the showroom when we courteously fixed a chip in your windshield. At that time you had the chance and you said nothing about blinkers or anything in this current review.

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Jason - 2017 Infiniti QX80

07/31/22-I experienced nothing but professional kind attention. I had visited about three times before settling on a purchase. Never once did I feel pressured. I actually was encouraged to take my time and consider the options. I had my young family in and everyone was more than helpful and patient with them. I would highly recommend them for your next car purchase. I am highly satisfied with the whole process.

Thanks for all the great service Comodo!

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Makala - 2017 Jeep Cherokee

07/29/22-I had a great experience buying from Comodo. Joey was super nice and helpful and made the buying process stress free!!

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Robert - 2014 Ford Explorer

07/27/22-Jordan and his guys are a great example of how a car dealership should run!! Purchased a beautiful Ford Explorer from them, had a couple minor flaws but were fixed right away without hesitation, they stand behind the vehicles they sell!!! I would send anyone to them that is looking to purchase a new ride!!! Hats off to Comodo Motors, you guys are doing great things!!

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Kelly - 2018 Chevy Trax

07/17/22-After weeks of scouring the internet for a used car in this very competitive market, we came across a used car at a great price loaded with all the features and more that we were looking for in a car. We contacted the dealership and worked with Enzo from beginning to end and he was amazing. He sent us a bill of sale and we were pleasantly surprised that there was no surprising fees tacked on that we experienced at so many other dealerships. Enzo was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout the whole process, from helping us put a hold on the car to straightforward and no nonsense warranty options to signing the paperwork and taking it home. It was the best car buying experience we have ever had! Thanks to Comodo Motors and especially to Enzo for great service and professionalism to getting our new set of wheels!!

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Jason - 2008 Jeep Wrangler

07/14/22-First off... WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! My fiance and I have been looking for quite some time to add to our Jeep family and we landed on this gorgeous 2008 Wrangler JKU. I walked in and was greeted quite warmly and felt zero pressure whatsoever. Joey was our guy and he took care of us. I will gladly purchase from Comodo again, we always need more Jeeps!

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Htoo - 2010 Jeep Wrangler

07/08/22-Bought a Jeep from Comodo Motors, had a great experience buying at their dealer. They were happy to work with us and they even fixed a small problem on our jeep for free. One of the finest dealership in Michigan. Go buy a car at Comodo Motors.

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