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Tiffany - 2014 Ford F150

03/21/23-We loved purchasing through Comodo Motors! Such a nice, welcoming, comfortable environment. They were willing to work with us to resolve some issues that arose. Joey was professional and kind. We decided to purchase an extended warranty, for piece of mind, on the vehicle because it was too good of an option not to. Would definitely return for another vehicle!

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Jill - 2014 Subaru Impreza

03/19/23-Enzo was very helpful from the moment I inquired about the vehicle via email, text as well as in person. Loved the whole relaxed casual atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Enzo and Comodo Motors.

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Kori - 2016 Buick Enclave

03/16/23-Comodo had the exact car that I had smashed a deer with earlier in the week. I messaged on it, and they were excellent enough to schedule a drive for a time that I was available. I was worried they'd sell it, since I was coming from hours away and wasn't able to just pop in, but they held onto it and it all worked beautifully.

The car was clean and in gorgeous shape, and the whole process was perfect and simple. Staff were accommodating, and the vehicle was A+.

No regrets doing business with Comodo. I'm glad I found them.

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Katelyn - 2016 Hyundai Tucson

03/11/23-Joey was wonderful. It was my first time buying a car and he made the process quick and easy and never made me feel rushed or pressured. He never failed to answer my questions, even if they were a little silly. I’m not sure who the other guy was that I talked to but he was also very helpful and got all the stuff ready for my test drive. All around good people and I would recommend going here if you’re in need of a new car!

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Kirk - 2014 Toyota Tundra

02/20/23-Would Love to thank Joey at Comodo Motors for making my purchase of my 2014 Tundra so easy!! Great prices even better service! Thanks Again for your assistance!

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Mitch - 2018 Ford F150

02/11/23-Comodo Motors and Enzo were great to work with, especially after speaking with 4 other dealerships throughout my truck search and beginning to become frustrated by the standard “when can you come in?” driven narrative, while not really answering questions or providing additional information beyond what was listed on the VDP. After a few locations were resistant to provide additional photos of the undercarriage, Enzo quickly captured and sent some over without hesitation - as he knew I was driving in from 2.5hrs away.

If you’re looking for more of a ‘boutique’ experience where you are top of the list, as opposed to one of dozens of appointments, this is a route worth taking.

Beyond the additional photos he answered questions in thorough detail and asked questions of his own to better understand my target needs. It felt very transparent the entire process, without any sense of “being told what they wanted me to hear” or the traditional sales tactics to set appointments and then pressure for the sale once in the door.

Would highly recommend not only from a shopping experience perspective, but the quality of inventory and attention to detail that is often overlooked at other dealerships really stood out. I may have had my own assumptions going in, as I typically purchase from franchise dealerships, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well maintained and the overall condition this inventory offered. While these are pre-owned vehicles, you can see there is a certain quality of vehicle that is being offered and an effort made to ensure the vehicle is thoroughly inspected and repaired/serviced before placing it on the lot.

End-to-end there was no pressure, honest responses, and some advisement along the way on various options regarding service contract tiers / differences.

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Zachary - 2012 Ford F150

02/02/23-Wanted to say thank you to Comodo Motors for all of the help in purchasing my truck. I was able to do the whole thing start to finish on the phone all the way from Poland. My sales rep Joey was great I am looking forward to seeing my truck in the drive way when I return to Ft. Campbell!

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Haley - 2012 Ram 1500

01/20/23-Enzo was great with helping me with my first vehicle buying from a dealership! It was a very easy process and he helped make sure i was able to make everything work with the loan amount i was offered from my bank and the truck i wanted. He was very nice and helpful, i would for sure buy another vehicle from him! take my money ;)

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Nathan - 2012 Acura MDX

01/20/23-I absolutely love Comodo Motors!! I have bought 2 vehicles from them and both times I have gotten exactly what I was looking for. Enzo is the best salesman I have ever worked with. He is respectful, enthusiastic, down to earth and very honest. I would recommend anyone looking for a new to you vehicle to check Comodo out. You will not be disappointed!

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Kim - 2013 Ford Explorer

12/28/22-Jordan has been fantastic with problems with a vehicle we recently purchased. On a used vehicle, even if you have family members who are mechanically inclined, BUY THE WARRANTY. It would have saved me a huge headache. Even though they have the vehicles serviced, there are always underlying issues that may occur after the sale. I hadn't even made my first payment and the engine failed. I bought the vehicle "as is". But, Jordan went above and beyond. They are pitching in to cover a portion of the engine replacement. Which they did not have to do. Jordan took the time and was very patient with my husband and I as we continued to talk to him about the issues. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles and what to look for. I do not blame him for the engine failure. I blame myself for declining the extra $20-$30 a month on my payment for the warranty.

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